Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The French Army 1914-18

The French Army 1914-18 (Men-at-Arms 286) by Ian Sumner, artwork by Gerry Embleton (London, Osprey, 1995; ISBN 1855325160)

The uniforms and organisation of the French Army during the First World War, in the characteristic Osprey style.

'Pertinently written ... exactly what was, until now, lacking for English-speaking readers interested in the French Army. I heartily and definitely recommend it' François Vauvillier

'[The book] proves how much information could be fitted into the ... format by a really professional author.' Martin Windrow

'This book is a great source on all details about WWI french soldiers. It has plenty of (black and white) photos as well as the usual Osprey center color plates, with complete explanations at the end.' Frederico Kereki on amazon.com

'This is a great book on a very neglected aspect of the Great War. Ian Sumner has made an outstanding contribution to the Anglophone history of the French Army 1914-1918, and this venerable member of the Osprey series has impeccable scholarly credentials. However, the strengths of the book are in its representation of the minutiae of uniform and organisation. These are connected to a fine selection of plates. However, for a more detailed account of the French Army's operations, and evocative first hand accounts, the author's excellent book They Shall Not Pass is recommended.' Withnail67 on amazon.co.uk

'Very complete historic information and excellent colour plates. As always, Osprey is a good chance to enjoy History. My favourite collection' Josito on amazon.co.uk

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