Tuesday, 12 February 2013

German Air Forces 1914-18

German Air Forces 1914-18 (Elite 135) by Ian Sumner, artwork by Graham Sumner (Botley, Osprey, 2005; ISBN 184176924X)

The uniforms and organisation of the aviation forces of Germany during the First World War - those controlled by the Army and those controlled by the Navy - in the characteristic Osprey style.

'... it [gives] plenty of information about the subject and does not concentrate on fighter pilots only, there are interesting accounts of photo recce and ground attack missions. Very good colour plates of uniforms and equipment and a fine selection of photographs.' Alan Pearson on amazon.co.uk

'.. a fine little reference... This handy, compact volume offeres a wealth of information on all aspects of the Kaiser's aviation forces. Despite the short length, the coverage is excellent, including observation, recon, bomber, fighter, Zeppelin, balloon, flak, and supporting forces... Especially useful are typical tables of organization and equipment for Jastas, FFAs, Schlastas, and other units... this offering has about 50 [illustrations], mostly good to excellent quality. The detailed index is helpful, rounding out a truly worthwhile offering... four stars.' Barrett Tillman on theaerodrome.com forum

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