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It's Mazagran Day!

So, what are we all doing for Mazagran Day?

Mazagran is a small town 4km to the south of Mostaganem, in Algeria. On 3rd February 1840, a large force of fighters under Mustapha ben Tami, one of Abd el-Kadr's principal lieutenants, swept into the town. The size of ben Tami's force is unclear. One (French) account says 10,000 ('by the most moderate accounts'); another (also French) says 1,500-2,000. The French garrison consisted of 123 men from the 10th Company, of 1st Battalion, Infanterie Légère d'Afrique, commanded by Captain Hilaire Lelièvre.
General Baron Guéhénec, the commander of the Oran Division, published an account of the action in an order of the day: 'On 3rd February, between 10 and 11 in the morning, a column of eight hundred men attacked the redoubt at Mazagran ... The town, unoccupied, was captured by the enemy in an instant; a lively fire broke out in several places; the enemy artillery opened fire. Night put an end to the fighting. 'On the 4th,…