Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Del Prado Men at War

Allied Commanders of World War I, French Army of World War I, French African and Colonial Troops, The French Army: from Blitzkrieg to Victory, The French Army: From the Free French to the Army of Liberation, and The Indian Army 1914-47 (Madrid, del Prado, 2004)

Booklets issued with a model soldier. They were generally based on the respective Osprey Men-at-Arms title, but in the case of French African and Colonial Troops and Allied Commanders of World War I, were written specially for the series.

The following model soldiers were based on my titles-

4: Captain, French Armoured Troops, 1939
9: French Infantry Corporal, Verdun, 1916
23: Senegalese Skirmisher [sic], Gabon, 1940
38: Sergeant, 1er Regiment de Marche de Zouaves, 1914
62:  Dafadar, 1st Jodphur Lancers, 1918
64: General Joseph Joffre, France, 1914

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