Tuesday, 12 February 2013

French poilu 1914-18

French poilu 1914-18 (Warrior 134) by Ian Sumner, artwork by Giuseppe Rava (Botley, Osprey, 2009; ISBN 9781846033322)

The French Army of the First World War, but concentrating on the experience of the ordinary soldier, rather than battles and strategy. The books contains numerous quotations from first-hand accounts, as well as numerous photographs and colour artwork in the characteristic Osprey style.

'[This book] tells how [the Poilu] were recruited, how they were trained, how they were clothed, the weapons that they used, and the tactics they used. It tells of life in the trenches, during battles and what happened to them once they were wounded. They were fighting for their nation as were all troops in that war, and thanks to author Sumner, we can get a good look at what it was like to be one of these men... A book that I found eminently readable and fascinating. I know you will as well.' Scott Van Aken on modelingmadness.com

'a good book to start with if your interested in the Poilu of the Great War' Daniel King on amazon.co.uk

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